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Baby’s First Dev Blog:

Hello and welcome, to nosleep.io, home of Radio Violence; our fast paced strategy party game. My name is Cody and I am one of the founding members of No Sleep. This blog is primarily going to be setting the ground work for future dev blogs from myself and the other members of No Sleep. Presently, we are all hard at work on our launch title, Radio Violence, with a big crunch coming in the next couple weeks to get ready for EGLX in Toronto.

So, who are we? Well, we are a Toronto based indie development team that has a deep passion for creating video games. Because of our status as “newbies” to the industry, many of the blog posts will likely be about lessons we learn as we grow, and occassional anecdotes or interesting development tidbits we discover while making our game.

If any of that interests you, I welcome you to sign up and check in every week for more information about development. I can’t always guarentee that everything we post about will be incredibly insightful, but maybe it’ll be just enough that budding developers and others like us can find solace in knowing what we are dealing with.

As I said before, this post is primarily acting as the ground work for future posts to come, so I’ll keep it brief.

Glad to see you,

Cody Webb
About the author

Occasional blogger, frequent designer, up and coming programmer. I do what I can, where I can.

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